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Serving the Greater Phoenix Area
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Hydro-jetting is a natural, clean and effective method of unclogging pipes and drains.

Our Hydro-Jet cleaning system is more efficient than many other drain cleaning methods. It has the ability to penetrate deeper into built up debris and flush out roots, rocks, minerals, and any other obstructions that can clog up and get caked onto your pipes. Hydro-Jets come in different sizes so our experienced plumbers will determine the appropriate pressure force to remove debris without damaging your pipes.

The stream of water is so forceful and concentrated that it removes not only the grease, soap, and scum build up, but also any bacteria that settles in your drains from your kitchen or bathroom, resulting in a myriad of problems. If you’re experiencing foul smells from your drains, Hydro-Jetting can help address that issue and leave your drain pipes clean and fresh.

One of the most common causes of sewer line back-ups is root infiltration in to the sewer line.  Tree roots typically enter the line from a weak joint.  As they grow they develop a huge root mass that quickly gets clogged with toilet paper, debris, grease and other unmentionable matter.  This is a serious sewer line problem. But not for the pro’s at Anthony’s Plumbing.

Faster and Better

Hydro-jetting cleans the entire pipe leaving nothing behind. Plus, it takes much less time compared to more traditional methods.


Hydro-jetting is effective on grease, sludge, dirt and sand.  It actually forces the clog out of the pipe. In addition, hydro-jetting cut roots faster and better than any other method we have used.

Environmentally Friendly

Since hydro-jetting uses water, it’s environmentally friendly and the choice of homeowners concerned about introducing more chemicals in to the environment.

Works On Any Size Clog

Hydro-jetting works for both large and small jobs.


Experiencing sewer line problems? Call in the professionals at Anthony’s Plumbing.


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