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Monday, 11 February 2019 19:31

Water Heaters and Water Quality Problems

water quality problems

If you're noticing changes to the water coming out ouf your tap – such as strange colors, tastes or odors – the cause may be your water heater.

To find out if the water heater is the cause, note the following:

• Does the problem only occur first thing in the morning?
• Does it happen after the water has not been used for a while?
• Does the problem clear up after you run the water for a few minutes?
• Is the problem isolated to the hot rather than cold running faucet?

If any of the above cases is true, it could be caused by your water heater.

Water Heater Odors

Bad smells, such as a sulphur odors, are sometimes caused by bacteria growing in the water heater tank. When the water heater goes unused for long periods of time bacteria, while usually harmless, can cause unpleasant odors. A sulphur, or rotten egg odor, is sometimes caused by a corroded anode rod inside the water heater. The rod should be inspected and replaced if needed.

Hard water can also cause sediment to accumulate at the bottom of the tank, causing odors. Installing a water softener should fix the problem.

Hot Water Discoloration

Brown, red or yellow tinted water can be caused by rust from a corroded water heater tank, or pipes inside the home. The iron present in most water is not a significant health risk, but it can stain clothing and dishes and leave drinking water with a metallic taste. Your plumber can help track down the cause and determine if the water heater is the source of the problem.

White or tan particles in the water are usually a sign of calcium or magnesium. While not generally harmful to ingest, the minerals can clog pipes and drains over time. A water filtration system or water softener can remove the minerals from the water.

Have concerns about water quality in your home? Give Anthony's Plumbing a call. We can help identify the cause of the problem and recommend effective solutions for cleaner, better tasting water!

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Thursday, 01 November 2018 14:01

How Water Softening Can Improve Your Life

When hard water is giving you too much trouble, you should consider water softening in Glendale. Hard water is a common problem that will affect 85% of water in the United States alone. It’s called hard water for a good reason— it contains increased levels of minerals compared to soft water, namely calcium and magnesium. Water softening systems work these higher mineral levels so you’re receiving clean water for showering, cleaning, cooking, and so much more! Plus, you need to make sure family stays healthy!

Anthony’s Plumbing had a wide selection of water softening systems for you to choose from. One of our main goals as a service company is to see you with clean water for all purposes and we’d like to think our water softening systems will play a huge role in keeping it healthy. With Anthony’s Plumbing, you can expect us to consult with you on how water softening can fit in with your home and install one quickly so you’re not wasting another moment with dirty water!

The Benefits of Water Softening in Glendale

Our water softening systems are here to provide you with the highest-quality filtration and if you want to know how they can help you, take a look at the following benefits:

  • Improved Health: If you want to avoid illness and physical irritation brought on by consuming hard water, water softening may be what prevents you from spending money on hospital bills. You’ll be able to drink a refreshing glass of water or take a warm, relaxing shower without ever having to worry about how it will impact your health!
  • Cleaner Laundry and Dishes: Thanks to hard water, you may have to replace your entire wardrobe, or it could mean you’ll be eating off paper plates for the remainder of your days! While hard water can prevent your laundry and dishes from getting totally clean, water softening will preserve both by keeping hard water far, far away.
  • Reduced Costs on Bills: If you allow hard water to persist long enough, it may result in serious pipe or water heater damage that will see you spend a hefty sum of money on repair and replacement. Keep repair bills down to a minimum by installing a water softening system in your home is just what you need to save a few extra bucks!

Contact Anthony’s Plumbing today if you want to install a high-quality water softening system that will water free from any contaminants!

Thursday, 01 November 2018 13:18

5 Amazing Benefits of Water Filtration

If you truly value crystal clear water in your home, then you should invest in water filtration in Glendale. You rely on clean water for more than just a glass of drinking water. In fact, you rely on it so many times a day that if it’s contaminated in any way, it can really throw off life in your home. Clean, clear water is useful for cooking meals, washing dishes, doing your laundry, and more. There are several things that can contaminate your water supply including sediment, minerals, dirt, debris, and bacteria. Of course, you need to rid them from your water supply immediately or else you risk putting the health of your family at risk.

If you’re looking for a solution to your water supply woes, then please consider water filtration in Glendale from Anthony’s Plumbing.  Our plumbers can install whole-home, faucet, and appliance filters to guarantee you’re kept away from the threat of contaminants. Our team can consult with you on determining what sort of water filtration systems would fit in best for your home. Overall, we want what is best for you, and will always go the extra inch in ensuring it!

Why Should You Get Water Filtration in Glendale?

As a responsible homeowner, you’ll do anything to make sure your family is living with a clean water supply, which is why choosing us for water filtration in Glendale is your best bet. When you call us, here are 5 major plusses you’ll receive:

  1. Extended Filtration Lifespan: We don’t offer yesterday’s water filtration systems. The filtration systems on the market today boast longer-lasting performance, meaning you’ll have clean water without worry for a long time to come. A longer lifespan on your filtration means you’ll have a happier, healthier home!
  2. Better Food Quality: If you’re using your contaminated water supply to cook dinner, then you may notice how it negatively impacts the taste of your food. A water filtration system can ensure you have meals that quench your appetite as opposed to making you clench your stomach.
  3. Cleaner Dishes: Contaminated water can lead to spotty dishware, which can be a little frustrating when you’re scrubbing dirty plates so hard. Our water filtration service will keep your dishware shining and safe to use.
  4. Safe Drinking Water: Sometimes all you need to feel refreshed is a glass of clean drinking water, but that may be too dangerous if you have contaminants in your water supply. We’ll make sure you won’t go a day without clean water for drinking to keep everyone in your home healthy.
  5. Improved Hygiene: You need clean water for bathing, brushing your teeth, washing your face, and other cleaning purposes. In short, you need it to maintain your hygiene. If you’re the person who needs their refreshing morning shower to start the day, then you should definitely contact us.

Contact Anthony’s Plumbing today for water filtration in Glendale, especially if you want to experience these 5 benefits!

Thursday, 01 November 2018 13:04

3 Benefits of Water Filtration

If you’re an Arizona homeowner looking to increase the health of your family and your property, then you’re best advised to look into water filtration in Glendale.

Effects of Hard Water

Arizona is one of the states that’s known for having hard water; i.e. water with high concentrations of magnesium and calcium. These minerals have a serious impact:

  • They cause sediment to build-up in pipes, appliances and plumbing fixtures.
  • Laundry washed in hard water feels grimy and looks dull.
  • Pots, pans, cutlery and flatware lose their shine and look cloudy.
  • Hard water often has an inferior taste.
  • High contents of magnesium and calcium in bathing water can make your skin feel dry, your nails brittle and your hair rough.

Water Filtration – A Safe, Affordable Solution

However, you can’t control where the water in your main comes from. So short of using bottled spring water for everything from drinking to bathing to laundry to household chore, you’re stuck with hard water, right?

Wrong. You can enjoy clean, pure water—and at a much lower cost that paying for it to be delivered to your home by truck. The solution is to install a whole-home water filtration system. This has the following three benefits:

  1. It reduces build-up of sediment, ensuring a longer life for pipes, appliances and plumbing fixtures.
  2. It removes excess minerals from the water and makes it taste better.
  3. It enhances the effects of cleaning, so your kitchenware looks cleaner and more sparkly, and your clothes look, feel and smell fresh and clean.

Not to mention one of the absolute best benefits: your hair, skin and nails will feel so much healthier!

Installing a Water Filtration System

If you’re interested in learning more about water filtration in Glendale, call Anthony’s Plumbing. With over 14 years of experience in the Glendale area, we understand the issues homeowners run into with hard water. That’s why we’re 100% qualified to advise you on the best water filtration system for your home. We’ll always explain to you exactly how it works, how it needs to be maintained, and what installation involves. So if you’re ready to invest in your home and yourself, call Anthony’s Plumbing today!

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