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Quick Tip Video – Improving Water Quality

Do you have issues with your home’s water quality? Bad taste, strange odors and colors and hard water are water quality problems we hear about all the time. Common syptoms of poor water quality include spots on glassware coming out of the dishwasher,  soap scum buildup on shower enclosures, and rust stains in sinks. Water shouldn’t have a noticable odor. If it has a chlorine smell like a swimming pool or smells of rotten eggs, it’s a symptom of problems with the water treatment system.

Poor water quality can also affect your home’s plumbing system, shortening the lifespan of water heaters and plumbing fixtures.

The solution to all of these water quality problems is a reverse osmosis water treatment system. Call Anthony’s Plumbing for an in-home water quality assessment. We’ll check the quality of your home’s water and recommend solutions for cleaner, better tasting water.



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