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Sun City Plumber

When homeowners in Sun City have a plumbing problem, who do they call? For the best service and fairest treatment in the industry, they call the professionals at Anthony’s Plumbing. Our experts are trained, certified, bonded, and insured — they’ll treat your home with utmost care and prioritize your family’s convenience and safety above all else.

Whole Home Water Filtration

Does your home’s water leave a bad taste in your mouth? Does your hot water smell funny? Is there a red or brown tint in your water? There can be many causes for poor water quality, including high levels of minerals or orangic contamination. A water test can help find any problems such as excessive amounts of lead or bacteria.  If problems are found,  a whole-home water filtration system can help improve the quality and taste of your water.

Water Softeners

Hard water can be a real pain. From water spots and soap film build-up, to laundry that feels scratchy and looks dull, the minerals in hard water are not just an annoyance, they can also reduce the lifespan of your water heater and lead to clogged shower heads and faucets. The answer to hard water problems is a water softener. If you’re concerned about hard water in your home, give us a call. We can help.

Why Choose Anthony’s Plumbing?

At Anthony’s Plumbing, our mission is to be the best family-style plumbing company in the Sun City Area, and to that end we are always keeping up with the most up-to-date technology and services in the field.  We are constantly improving ourselves by hiring the most educated and enthusiastic plumbers available, a practice that has made our growing business a success for over a decade.

Plumbing Services in Sun City

  • Piping Repair and Replacement
  • Drain Clearing, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Water Filtration
  • Water Softening
  • Sump Pump and Ejector Pump Installation
  • Garbage Disposal Installation
  • Leak Detection
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
  • New Fixture Installation
  • Sewer Repair
  • Gas Line Installation
  • Water Line Repair
  • Trenchless Solutions
  • And more!

Read on through our site for more in depth descriptions of the services we’re proud to excel at. For a family-style company that prioritizes fairness and quality that is run by a fourth generation plumber and a talented team of approachable technicians, call Anthony’s Plumbing today.

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