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What Causes Banging Pipes?

Pipes that are banging, clanking or gurgling, can be more than just an annoyance, they can be the symptom of plumbing problems. If pipes bang while running hot water, the cause is likely copper pipes that are expanding as the hot water runs through the pipe causing it to rub against a stud or joist as it contracts. It is unlikely to cause a leak in all but the most extreme cases.

Watch this Video For Solutions To Banging Pipes

If you have access to the pipes from a basement or crawlspace adding foam rubber to the holes where the pipes pass through can solve the problem. Replacing metal pipe brackets with quieter plastic ones can also help.

If your pipes are making a banging noise when running both cold and hot water, you are probably hearing what is called “water hammer”. Water hammer happens when the water is turned off at a faucet or other valve. Lowering water pressure the the pipes to 60 psi or lower with a pressure-reducing valve will usually reduce the noise. Another option is to have your plumber install air chambers, or water hammer arresters to absorb the energy inside the plumbing system.

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